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WordPress Course

WordPress Training Overview

WordPress is to build a blog or a website. It is easy to use and modify. That’s why a lot of people every day use WordPress to create their own website. This WordPress Training will gain full expertise in the installation, configuration, and setup of WordPress. WordPress Course helps to the creation of content, managing and working with WordPress Plugins. Not only knowing you built a website yourself but also you will be able to maintain your new website yourself in the future.

Objectives of the Course

  1. Importance of WordPress and its advanced features create, maintain, and manage your own website or blog
  2. How to insert audio, video, images into the website
  3. Customization of the pages moderating comments on site
  4. Learn the widgets create and share the content on the various platforms  and make money online

Pre-requisites of the Course

  1. Basic knowledge over the Internet is enough

Who can attend this course

  1. Anybody interested in WordPress
  2. You don’t need any special “technical” knowledge to attend this course
  3. Familiar with using the Internet
  4. Website Builders
  5. WordPress Developers
  6. Bloggers


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