Terms and Conditions

Courses offered

Courses offered by Kdwebacademy are normally intended for individuals seeking skill upgrades (including but not limited to additional qualifications w.r.t current industry trends, end-user skills, etc.)Details of course content & associated obligations of Kdwebacademy are available at www. Kdwebacademy.com. It is Kdwebacademy's endeavor to be closely connected to the industry technology trends. Hence Kdwebacademy updates its courses from time to time ensuring a smooth learning curve for its students. Curriculum changes (if any) are communicated from time to time to the students via the student notice board, website, email communication, etc. Students are obligated to keep track of such changes. Changes to the courses are done to keep its content up-to-date with the latest trends in technology movements. The management reserves the right to make changes to the course without any notice.

2. Admission Terms

Admission to courses offered by Kdwebacademy is governed by specified eligibility criteria and selection norms (available with the counselor). Students are expected to participate in the selection/eligibility evaluation process, to ensure ease of future learning. Some of the courses assume that the student has completed some academic studies. Though Kdwebacademy, at the time of enrollment, shall make an effort to educate the student, it is the student’s responsibility to be aware of the prior knowledge requirements for admission into the course. The admission to the course once done, is not transferable to any other individual. It is the student’s responsibility to go through all the T&Cs before completing the enrollment process. The student should understand the contents of the course/program. A student may reserve a place in a particular batch by paying a non-refundable Reservation Fee. The reservation is valid for 30 days from the date of payment or 2 days before the planned start of the batch, whichever is earlier and the student should have completed all the formalities by then. Fees applicable at the time of admission shall be the fees due from the student, irrespective of the reservation done earlier. Kdwebacademy will not be liable to provide any services beyond the admitted course duration.

3. Fees & Payments

All fees are payable upfront at the time of admission & are exclusive of any govt. taxes (to be paid separately). The course fees are subject to change without notice, at management’s discretion. In exceptional cases and solely at management’s discretion, if any student’s course fees are split in to multiple payments, the same is done as per the below conditions – 60% of the course fees to be paid upfront at the time of admission.40% of the remaining fees to be paid as PDC, dated not later than 30 days from 1st payment. Dishonored cheques shall be reported to the relevant authorities to be dealt with as per law of the land. Dishonoring of the cheque would attract a penalty of Rs.1500/-. The penalty may be revised from time to time. Pl. check with the counselor at the time of admission. If a student, defaults on the 2nd installment payment, the admission is automatically terminated. All fees are to be paid by cash / local cheques & are non-refundable. No outstation cheques are accepted. Students are expected to retain the receipts with the Receipt No. and other details for future references.

4. Course Concepts and Courseware

All courses are delivered in the English language. Each session is scheduled for 2 hours unless specified.100% attendance is expected for all sessions to ensure maximum benefit from the concerned course. In case of uninformed, continuous absence for 4 sessions, the student name may be struck off the rolls. Courseware provided is protected by copyright and any reproduction in any form or by any other means is illegal.

5. Other Terms & Conditions

The below signature confirms the student's acceptance of the terms and conditions explained herein.No interest for any third party can be created in this association concerning only the student & Kdwebacademy. Kdwebacademy shall not be liable for any delay or failure in performance of any of its obligation when such attributed to events beyond the control of Kdwebacademy (including but not limited to fire, flood, war, s/w failures)delay isKdwebacademy. uses cookies for Google Remarketing.

The liability of Kdwebacademy towards students is limited only to extent of fees paid. All disputes shall be under the purview of courts in Mumbai only.

Kdwebacademy Marketing Policy

Kdwebacademy does not share or sell your contact details -emails or Contact Numbers to any other organization. When you enquire with Kdwebacademy you are not Anonymous to us! Hence If you enquire with Kdwebacademy you authorize Kdwebacademy to send you updates based on your requirements via Call or SMS related to your requirements shared.